Cryptocurrency & Kratom / Accepted Payment Methods

If you are familiar with kratom and its popularity growth in America, you are surely familiar with the controversy behind kratom. Although many kratom enthusiasts report wonderful experiences, there are many who oppose the path kratom has set-forth. In short, to keep it simple; kratom is still often negatively critiqued when it comes to the rules and regulations of credit card and payment processing. These major companies, such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, to name a few; are bound by strict rules and regulations and must work within the boundries of these rules. With that said; it has become increasingly more difficult to consistently find commitment from a credit card processor that will entertain the idea of processing “high risk” kratom transactions over the world web. So although our Kratom Products are legal, as is our transaction; the entire process is still heavily and negatively critiqued by major credit card processors.

We can begin to speculate the reasoning behind these put forth obstacles for kratom vendors like ourselves, but that will just bring up a debate shedding light on Big Pharma and their buddies and that is a topic meant for another conversation on another day.

Our Solution

For some time now we have offered alternative payment methods such as Cash App, Venmo, & Zelle. This has proven to be a convenient alternative for our customers from the use of a traditional bank card. However, these institutions are also subject to the same rules and boundaries, this is the reason you often may have receieved our “kratom notes” email stating to refrain using Kratom in any descriptions etc, etc.


We are happy to announce our new partnership with Coinbase Commerce. Whom is at the top of trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.

Setting forth to primarily accept crypto currency in place of a traditional credit card/bank card opens up the possibility of working outside the larger banks and cutting them out as the middle man allows us to operate freely as we should naturally be able to.

We can only strongly feel this is where the future of online transactions is headed, in the meantime we greatly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we genuinely hope to continue serving and fullfilling all of your kratom needs.

Current Accepted Forms Of Payment

Cash App : $firmmediagroup


Venmo: @realraw

Pay By Check: Payable To: The Firm Media Group (mail to: 4948 Mountain Vista #13551 Las Vegas NV 89121.)